Meri Sadak Mobile app

The application has been developed by the Meri Sadak Movement, an NGO working for rural development. Meri Sadak mobile app is developed in the third-party application language, JavaScript and supports multiple platforms like Android (operating system), iOS, Windows Phone and Firefox (web browser).

Meri Sadak mobile app gives the user the following options: Display recent photos Display unverified photos Submit photo Submit with time stamp and location details See maps of site and display photo and time stamp Nodal Departments to which the photos have been submitted can verify photos and submit feedback to the sender as per norms. In the first week of launch, Meri Sadak received 933 photo submissions, out of which 502 were submitted on Monday.

Why is it necessary? Meri Sadak Mobile App

The Urban Local Bodies do not provide information regarding quality of roads and progress in their respective towns. Now the State Government will track all the PMGSY roads and measure the progress made in all villages and towns. The continuous feedback will be helpful in assessing the quality of roads and maintenance of the same.

When can I Download Meri Sadak mobile App? This app will be available in both android and ios app stores from the 14th February 2019. Who can download Meri Sadak app? Anyone who have a phone can download the app. How to Download Meri Sadak app? Download Meri Sadak App from Google Play Store or Apple App store by entering ‘Meri Sadak’ in the search box. Important Meri Sadak is a Project Management Tool.

The importance of feedback

This app is very important as it can help the concerned authority to redress the problems faced by the user in the construction of a road and can also be used to monitor the quality of construction of a road. Also, users can have a feeling of being connected to the construction of a road and if the quality of work is good, they will get good feedback.

The problem with the traditional method of obtaining feedback from road users, which is by sending a letter to the concerned department, is that it is not an effective method to know the quality of the road. Also, the old traditional method may take two to three months before receiving the feedback. The new feature of using mobile phones can facilitate this process much faster.

How will it help?

Nodal Departments can easily access the highest quality data of PMGSY roads across the country and assess the works in a much shorter time frame thereby improving the quality and timeliness of works. The monitoring and inspection of roads is now a much automated process, hence reducing the time and cost on a construction site. The users can lodge suggestions and complaints in real time to the Nodal Departments and the State Government bodies.

The users can also send photos of any aspect of the construction like obstacles or defects through the app. In this way, they are able to track the status of the construction at the site and thus improve the quality of the work. How do I get it?
Meri Sadak Mobile App: The Best Way to Navigate the City

“Meri Sadak” is a mobile app to enable users to give their feedback regarding pace of works, quality of works etc. of PMGSY roads to the Nodal Departments in the State Governments / National Rural Roads Development Agency (NRRDA). The user can take photographs at the site and submit along with feedback.

Meri Sadak app

The quality of the roads could be assessed with the help of the images submitted by the user by the Government and the Nodal Departments. The images can be updated in real time. What will be done with the images? The images could be shared with contractors to take a decision on the quality of the roads and the further work to be done to resolve the problems of potholes or cracks in the roads.

The images could be shared with users and stakeholders to ascertain if the quality of the roads could be improved. The user can help maintain the road images and make them available for government, Nodal Departments to ensure quality road building. The maps will be updated in real time. The images could be shared on a WhatsApp number.

Why is it necessary?

Satisfaction of the user is crucial to resolve all the issues raised on the project. A proactive approach with user feedback would be able to go a long way in addressing the grievances raised by users and respond to their issues faster. Who should use it? Users from Nodal Departments of State Governments and NRRDA, CSR NGOs, Public Procurement Agencies, users of PMGSY roads.

What do I need to do? Sign up on the official site To generate an account, visit the registration page and choose to register by filling in your name and other personal information. Once you have logged in, you will be redirected to a page that states “Join Meri Sadak and let us improve your roads.” Click on the New User link and choose User Experience option from the drop-down menu.

The importance of feedback

It is important to note that the State Government assumes that once the PMGSY road works are completed, citizens/public don’t have much to complain about. But if there are issues with the work, the users would have provided necessary details regarding the same. So the Meri Sadak app has been launched with a purpose of making sure that citizens / public have adequate information and they can submit their feedback without a hassle.

With the initiative of Meri Sadak app, the government has come out with the following initiatives: User complaint registration: The government has partnered with Citizens’ Forums who shall not only provide the required feedback to the Nodal Department concerned, but also assist in bringing up the issues which needs attention.

How will it help?

The urban and rural citizens can receive feedback on quality of works, the pace of works, the time taken to repair, smoothness of driving etc. by giving their opinion regarding road works via mobile phone. The user will have an option to send complaints regarding damage to vehicles and bad condition of roads and maintenance via SMS or email.

The public opinion will guide Government officials to take corrective measures to improve the quality of construction works of PMGSY roads and increase the completion rate. The Government has planned to use the feedback for better efficiency of rural road construction. It will also reduce inordinate delays in timely fixing of issues. What is the ideal time to start Meri Sadak?

What are the benefits?

The app will have online transactions. With the help of this App, the Quality Inspectors (QIs) of the Rural Districts can be reached easily and they can be trained as well. This will help to monitor the quality of road works by National Rural Roads Development Agency and will enable them to ensure that the National Rural Roads Development Programme is more responsive. Users of ‘Meri Sadak’ App will be able to avail higher discounts. How to download?


This step has simplified PMGSY disbursal and ensured that PMGSY projects are implemented fast and in an efficient manner. It has also ensured that the roads are functional and are motorable and the projects are within the design limits of the engineers. Now, a complaint is also a click away. Users can upload images along with their complaint and get a satisfactory resolution from the government.

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