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If you like reading about USC, the Mighty Trojan Football or anything else about USC, then we’re here to please. Created by Stanford graduate student Andrew West, the USC Mem website has become a go-to site for all USC fans. He updates the page regularly and adds the latest news and information, along with official USC memes and Trojan news. “There is no better way to keep up with what is happening on campus than with memes, and USC Memes is an awesome way to keep in touch with what’s happening and the latest memes and updates on news and events,” West said. What is a meme? West explains it well in a blog post titled “What Is A Meme?” He goes on to explain that a meme is “a piece of cultural knowledge that spreads through a culture.

This online platform created by seniors in USCMS is a source of news, humour, frustration and good old-fashioned entertainment. Our tagline? We bring the campus to you.

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What is MSEMT? USC Mem

MSEMT is a 10-month curriculum with 10 hours per week. The content includes intensive advising, case studies, research and development projects, and networking events that provide students with an opportunity to collaborate with engineering students, faculty, and industry leaders. MSEMT also offers the opportunity for students to go on summer internships at Microsoft and Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV). MSEMT students get a capstone project to help them prepare for their careers in the industry. What is the difference between MSEMT and MS in Engineering Management? The major difference between MSEMT and MSEMM is the sequence of courses.

MSEMT, otherwise known as Master of Science in Engineering Management, is a part of USC Viterbi School of Engineering. It focuses on three distinct and important areas: management of technical projects, technical engineering research, and skills in technology and innovation, according to the university website. With its emphasis on management skills, the program emphasizes the technical aspects of engineering and seeks to develop students’ knowledge in this area. For students in the program, they are well-prepared to work in a variety of fields. Faculty & Interdisciplinary Environments The faculty members of MSEMT are not limited to a single discipline, and instead, offer a variety of approaches to the development and planning of major industrial or business projects.

This interdisciplinary, interdisciplinary graduate program helps students develop the skills, education and management skills needed to advance their careers and improve the competitiveness of our nation. MSEMT’s major study areas include: Business & Society Organizational Behavior Managing Organizations Mature Managerial Decision-Making PhD program at USC will begin in fall 2017 What is the MSEMT leadership program? The MSEMT Leadership Program is a leadership and professional development program designed to prepare high-achieving graduate students for leadership roles in the field of management and human resource development.

Why USC Mem?

USC Memes are a significant source of university-wide entertainment on campus. Each day, thousands of students from all around the world come to the memes site to see what’s trending and what’s new. It’s easy to imagine that memes are usually bad. When they’re good, they’re hilarious. If they’re bad, they’re weird and weird is fun. A global meme-culture USC Memes is the largest meme-culture on campus, but it is not the only one. There are many smaller memes-communities on campus, all run by students. Some are run as bulletin boards or IRC channels, and others run on a wiki-type network (as you can see on the slideshow below).

Management is a big job with responsibility, and USC’s MSEMT helps students prepare for this role. MSEMT is a unique program in the engineering school. Unlike most other engineering schools, USC also has an MSEMT for students with a business administration degree. There are many reasons why students choose to study with USC’s MSEMT. The school provides students with a taste of business management without the obligation of having to be enrolled in a typical business curriculum. Additionally, students have the option of taking an elective course that involves their other major areas of interest, such as information technology or computer science. USC’s MSEMT provides students with valuable management training without the obligation of following a “traditional” MBA program.

College is not meant to be an easy time, it’s meant to be exciting, exciting, exciting! So why not share that excitement with others while we’re here? Here at the USC Mem, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best in relevant humour. Never before has it been easier to find entertainment. With the decline of the physical newsstand, it’s increasingly difficult to get your hands on non-fake news. We’re here to change that! But what do we mean when we say “funny?” We mean memes. You’ve no doubt seen memes floating around social media before, but what do they actually mean? Memes are essentially funny images and short texts that are meant to create a meme culture (aka #memes). That’s a good way to think of it because the root of all meme culture is humour.

For our last segment of the Summer at the White House, we take a look at the men and women who make the United States of America great. It’s the United States of Columbia, USA! This clip shows what can happen when Barack Obama realizes that it’s a little too quiet. He immediately gets a call from Michelle Obama telling him that his youngest daughter, Sasha, went on a bike ride with Malia and how well she did. Some days, going to work can be pretty sad. Take it from this janitor at the Defense Department. Here, we see his sad day in a snapshot. As the President’s senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett works to make sure everything is running smoothly. In this clip, we see her hilarious relationship with a woman dressed as Elvis.


While this is a rather light-hearted list, it does provide a good look at what is available for students at USC to stay on top of. While a student can always visit classes, the best way to understand a topic is to simply study the material in depth. This will also provide the opportunity to receive some real-world experience. This list will be updated regularly, so feel free to comment with any additional resources that you think should be included.


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